The project New forms Mixdoor Performing Arts Practice is a combined intercultural initiative, a collaboration of artistic disciplines, artists and european countries.

Four elements of the project are: juggling and contemporary circus, vertical dance, 3D mapping and mobile GPS applications in the sphere of culture.

The core of the project is in its structural performance consisting of three stages: two outside locations and one inside, connected through smaller, site-specific activities leading to the theatre space. The aim of the project is to further the contemporary arts field, attracting people from around the world who work in diverse artistic expressions and to foster their collaboration..


  • Hungarian Juggling Assocciation (HU)
  • Motus Terrae (GR)
  • Torunska Agenda Kulturalna (PL)
  • CIE 9.81 (FR)
  • Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance (HR)

Project website:

EU project Mixdoor is supported by EU foundation Creative Europe.
This project is financed by the Croatian Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs.